D-CAL’s Research

D-CAL is a non-profit, interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge advocacy into solutions to problems of environmental change. We hope to bring together academics, researchers and policy makers to collaborate on development action worldwide. We hope to make our resources entirely accessible: using our open access material to help effective decision making and policy action.

Call for proposals: D-CAL invites action-oriented proposals on environmental sustainability, including:

  • Organizational Sustainability

    Across the world, we see a trend of organizations working to minimize or neutralize their environmental impact. This has resulted in an increase in research towards organisational sustainability and management performance. At D-CAL, we aim to help build organization and managerial structures through sustainable development: helping leaders their organisation’s overall goals and access to sustainability measures.

  • Ecological Education and Capacity-Building

    We believe it is integral to integrate educational initiatives into our research practises. Sustainability should act as a key driver within rural and urban communities in India, along with both private businesses and government facilities. At D-CAL we aim to implement training and capacity building initiatives in areas of biodiversity conservation, ecological diversity and environmental sustainability. We hope to create resource materials to enhance our understanding of sustainable development through our work with schools, higher educational institutions, policy makers and community leaders.

  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    We believe that social innovation and entrepreneurship can be great ways to reduce society’s environmental impact. Environmental degradation can take on many forms, such as the pollution of oceans, the destruction of marine habitats, the increase in greenhouse gases, or the destruction of the rainforests. At D-CAL, we hope to foster social innovation research that brings new solutions to environmental problems by providing insight into local contexts within global environmental problems.

  • Climate Change Mitigation

    We believe in building integrated models of development that considers an interdisciplinary approach to economic, environmental, energy, land and public health issues. D-CAL produces scholarly research that identifies and assess policies that reduce the risks of climate change while allowing for global development – economic, social and sustainable. This is achieved through the study of both mitigation (reducing climate change) and adaptation (reducing the risks when climate change does occur).

  • Environmental Displacement and Refugeeism

    Global warming and environmental degradation is one of the largest causes of population displacement. This is a complex process that combines environmental, social, economic and political factors. At D-CAL, we believe that environmental displacement is a pressing concern, especially for refugees and people from traditionally marginalized backgrounds. Through our work, we hope to study the relationship between population displacement and environmental stress, especially in India.

D-CAL supports students by providing research funding and mentorship.


Research proposals will be accepted in the form of 3-5 page documents detailing:

Aim and scope

Research methodology

Existing Literature

Contemporary Relevance